Yes. SPF or “sprayed polyurethane closed cell foam insulation” provides an effective vapor barrier, as well as the best thermal insulation available while also controlling moisture throughout the building envelope.

SPF is installed as a liquid , penetrating all areas of the building assembly, a chemical reaction hardens into foam within 7 seconds.

R-6 Per inch . There are various manufacturers of SPF , however all closed cell SPF insulation
have a rating of roughly 6 per inch. Want more R-rating ? install the corresponding thickness.

Different manufacturers dye their product as a way to identify them.
FYI when exposed to UV light all SPF turns yellow, SPF left exposed to the elements
should be covered up within at least 1 year.

Yes , open cell foam insulation, or “1/2 LB” is a sound proofing material as well as an excellent air sealing product, we often use this product on HVAC located inside the attic.

DJM is happy to provide any the technical data information on our line of chemicals

SPF cost is determined by considering all variables that make your project unique.
please contact us for a quote specific to your needs.
FYI The additional upfront cost of SPF pays for itself in energy savings after only 5 years of performance compared to more economical alternatives. invest smart !

Yes once the foam is fully cured ,24 hours after installation,
it is 100 % safe to be around and ready to be covered with a 15 min. fire barriers such as drywall. SPF Problems are almost always due to improper material preparation and application.

DJM installers and owners, David , Jesse and Micheal are licensed and certified installers.During the install we perform onsite material testing called daily work records , these are then emailed to you, for the local building inspector .Our crew also prepares the work site to ensure no damage is done to your property , residents safety is always a top concern for us.

NO , when installed by qualified professionals SPF will adhere to a variety of substrates,
including , wood , concrete , glass , drywall , metal , plastics, any material which does not have any oil water or dust.

SPF does not absorb water or feed mold growth , it is not recommended to install in an environment that will be exposed to the elements and to moisture for prolonged periods of time . SPF is not a waterproofing product , it is however an excellent thermal insulation.

Typically our crews arrive onsite around 8 am. Site Prepwork begins in the work area and our crews take all necessary safety precautions before spraying , Such as masking with poly, and covering electrical boxes. During the install our skilled technicians use high powered fans to exhaust all off gassing fumes outside the home. For your safety, home owners and pets should not be in the work area during and for 24 hours after the install.

SPF manufacturers design products with the harsh Canadian Winter in mind , That is why we have a Summer Blend and a winter blend foam. The winter blend foam can be installed to substrates and air temperatures as low as -10 C.

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